credit-card-bills-300x200If you believe federal government is not helping you in your debt problem then instead of wondering on different fake net portals you should directly refer to which is an official grant portal for any American. This website is run by the officials of the United States Department of Health and Human Services to help find out easy and reliable information if they are caught with any financial problem and want a hand of help to come out of it.

This is to remove the confusion that the debt relief problems do not directly or in all cases provide finance to those who need it. However, this is a more realistic approach to solve the debt. The Non-cash assistance program raises chances of jobs, provide credit counseling services free, training if at all required to achieve any qualification or skill, food support, medical services etc. Non-cash assistant programs are put on

Cash Assistant Programs, which provides dollars directly are stipulated programs and require special challenging conditions of those who sought relief, are awarded on the Both for cash and non-cash assistant programs different application forms are required to be signed and applied.

The cash assistant programs help to both individuals and institutions. By clicking on their respective registration forms, one can be enrolled. They must know the Funding Opportunity Number (FON) i.e. grant opportunity number they want to select. FON is available on the same website and reflected as flesh news on the home page. The FONs are also divided into different grant categories e.g. agriculture, housing, arts, education, consumer protection, health etc. for easy search. If it’s an organization which needs relief then it needs to have the DUNS number which is granted free on the Dun & Bradstreet website. Finding out these numbers takes only half a day and applying for the respective forms takes not more than one business day.

Interesting to note here is that there is a difference between payday loans no credit check and grant. The grants are not supposed to be paid back but provided with a motive to relax the worse situation. Grants are always subject to specific conditions and not available to all. For example, the individual grants available on are eligible to students who have certain amount of student loan debt on their head, researchers who need funds to complete their research etc.

For real-life example, currently the Summer Stipends are available to support individuals who are faculty members in universities, colleges and want to carry out any scientific or other research based on humanity at large. If they have personal debts they may not carry out the research on their own finance and need government funding to support the noble cause.

In terms of organizations, the eligibility is restricted to universities or non-profit making organizations.

Once the application has been made, one can search for the status by clicking on the track my application button available online.